You know how, when you love to do something, you often won’t do it in front of other people (or at all) because you are afraid of being judged or criticized? No? Maybe it has just been me then. I have three things like that: writing, singing and art.

I have always loved to draw, paint, make things out of…stuff. It is therapy for me. One day I just stopped. I don’t know why…life, I guess. So I didn’t really make any art for probably…18 years or so(unless you include my son, which I do). Until I got diagnosed. And I don’t have a problem showing friends what I make. It is something I do a lot when I’m waiting. Anyone who has ever been through cancer treatment knows there is a lot of waiting so I have been particularly productive over the last year or so and lots of people see it while they are waiting too. But I have never tried to have a show or sell my work or anything. I wouldn’t call myself an artist.

Since I was a little girl, I have wanted to be a writer. I love stories and books. To be able to make them, to create the world to which people want to escape, to make characters that make people feel like they are not alone in their situations, what an honor. But I almost never write. I mean, I have a journal that I write personal things in, a notebook that I write story ideas in, and I do National Novel Writing Month every year – I have five incredibly awful novels so…I DO write…I just never let anyone read what I write. I wouldn’t call myself a writer. So this is my first time writing for public consumption. Be gentle, please.


meghan and me 1.jpg


8 thoughts on “Hi

  1. I hear your barbaric cyber-Yawp, and am in awe. Thank you for your walk in this life, Heather. I’ve long been a fan of your artistic endeavors, and very much look forward to seeing what you pull out of your hat next. Rock the f%ck on, sister!


  2. Hi Heather, we haven’t seen each other in years, I’m sorry to hear of your diagnosis, but i see you have tackled think in true Heather style. I enjoy reading your blog, and am sending positive thoughts your way. If you come back to the area look me up. God Bless!!
    P.S love all the sneakers 🙂


  3. I feel the same way! I don’t necessarily see myself as a writer, but more of a thinker. But, I thank you for sharing your truth with the world. Feel free to stop by my blog and give me some input if you have the time! I would really appreciate it!

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